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I’m Your Present Covergirl Photo Contest!!!

11 Feb


I love my customers more than anything, and am constantly getting swooned by customer pics sent to me!!  I go through hundreds of postcards a month….sending them out with orders and giving them to boutiques that stock my stuff!!  So, for my next round of postcards… I want you to to be the model!!!  I will pick 3 shots that I’ll photoshop and design into postcards, print 1000 of each… and the three chosen will get:

-your website/tumblr/instagram/whatever you want me to credit you with on the back!  (if you have a photographer I can credit them too)

-a month of your postcard design as my FB fanpage profile pic

– social media shoutouts to my 40,000+ combined internet followers

– 50 of the post cards and a super awesome fun package of gifts from me!!!

(*** i’m saying three, but if I get more amazing entries it’s very likely I’ll pick more than 3!!)


-since it’ll be printed, I’m gonna need fairly semi high resolution pics, min of 300 dpi!  If you don’t know what that means, google it lady!

-limit of 1 email per entry, attach as many pics as can fit in one email!  If it’s a piece I sell in my etsy shop, I’d love to use your pic anyway in my etsy listing!! So just let me know if that’s okay, I will of course credit you with your website/link in the listing!

DEADLINE: Saturday, March 16th!  Will be announcing the winners a couple days after that!


How well the overall aesthetic represents “I’m Your Present”.   Every girl is different and I’m not looking for anything in particular… but for instance, if the photo is you wearing an outfit from somewhere else and my earrings but you can barely see them, I probably will not go for that.   You don’t have to be all decked out in IYP, but it should be featured!!  Also… totally open to Halloween/ any seasonal pics!!  I send out the postcards year round, so I’ll just save those for the appropriate season.

Feel free to ask any questions!!!


sooo excited!




Electric Heart

17 Aug

I’m sure a lot of my customers have noticed that I haven’t been posting new clothes in my Etsy shop recently… just jewelry & applique stuff.   So here’s a small glimpse of what I’ve been up to!  I’m getting ready for a spring/summer collection to show during Style Week Providence… now that it’s only a couple of weeks away most of my time goes to working on my line for the show!  My collection will be at least 30 outfits…  so well over 50 pieces…. not to mention the jewelry and accessories I’m making for it.  All of it will be posted for sale in my etsy shop in the following weeks… so if you’ve been craving new clothes, you are about to get an overload!

So…. without giving too much away, here’s a mini taste of my collection “Electric Heart” which I’ll show on Sept 2nd, at 6pm.  For more information or to purchase tickets please visit:

Want to be featured in Sunday Style?

8 Apr

To be featured in my Sunday Style section just email me a picture of you in one of my pieces & let me know your Name, Age, Where you live, What you do, etc… and then tell me…

1. What you love about Etsy!

2. Where else you love to shop & your FIVE favorite designers.

3. Anything else you want to say about fashion, beauty, style, your life…etc.

Send me whatever links you want me to post, like your Etsy shop, Facebook, Blog, Website, Tumblr etc…so people can find you.


I’ll feature every entree I receive on my blog and then post it to my Facebook Fan Page, Tumblr & Twitter so everyone else can see how cute you are!

Email entrees to- with the subject SUNDAY STYLE




Panda Party!

8 Apr

An awesome series of photos from one of my adorable customers, Stacey Brook!

Broken Hearts

28 Mar

The amazing Amber & Nisha, Brokenhearts DJ duo just sent me this awesome picture of them in my bat dresses! 

Check out some of their other amazing outfits!……………

& click on the pictures to go to their style blog.