Thursday Therapy – Healthy Marketing Tips

15 Apr

QUESTION: How do you go about advertising/marketing your items on etsy?

ANSWER: In the beginning, I didn’t do any sort of advertising and marketing… I was so just excited by the idea of people buying things I had made that I wanted to put every free hour I had into creating new things.  Listing new stuff all the time kept me on top of the searches & creating those new things kept my customers excited and made them want to check back….  A ton of my customers started buying stuff almost as soon as I would list it. If I hadn’t been consistently listing new stuff, no one would have checked it nearly as often… my customers just wanted to make sure they got their hands on the new thing I had created before someone else did! So it kept them coming back & helped me to develop a customer base.  Also I think making friends on etsy is key in the beginning… favorite other peoples work who you admire or send them a message, especially if they are just starting out.. the etsy community will start to seem a lot more intimate.  It’s important to have an online presence elsewhere too… facebook, twitter, tumblr, flickr.. etc.  Also, recently we’ve been sending stuff for free or for a discount to girls who are in bands, actresses or have huge blog followings who will post about it.. it’s a great way to give something to someone you admire and also have everyone who follows them find out about you!

QUESTION: I adore your clothes. However, I’m a little bit bigger and have promised myself to not buy anything of yours until I get to my goal weight of 140lbs.  It’s been rough getting there.  How do you suggest I keep myself motivated and positive?

ANSWER: Thank you! I’m so glad you like my clothing and I think this is a really valid topic for a lot of girls. It sounds like you want to lose weight for yourself and it’s great whenever anyone sets a goal for themselves & is working hard to keep it, which it sounds like you are.  When I was younger I used to think about dieting a lot, but I think since I loved to cook, it made eating healthier more fun!  My mom got me into this book called “Super Foods” by Steven Pratt.  His book highlights 14 of the most nutrient packed foods per caloric value.  It got me really psyched about eating as healthy as possible and incorporating those foods into new things I cook.  Now that I’m into eating healthier, I hardly ever find myself craving junk food like I used to.  I also personally hate most typical forms exercise like running… but I’ve realized there are lots of other ways to exercise that are fun! For instance, I love rollerblading or riding my bike when the weather’s nice, (I have a pink bicycle, so I accessorize while I exercise!).  I love dancing for fun & and doing crazy funny dance moves with my friends and recently got some exercise dance move videos… so I can randomly bust out Justin Bieber-esq moves when no one is expecting it!  I know trying to lose weight can be frustrating and depressing so I think another good thing would be to keep yourself busy with other things, like projects you’ve been meaning to do- so you’re not constantly thinking about it.  And just remember every body is different…  a number doesn’t necessarily mean you look great or are healthy, the most important thing is that you feel good.  At 5’8 and probably 150 lbs or so, I for one am not near a typical models weight, but I am happy with the way I look and whenever I’ve had doubts about my body, no boyfriend or friend has ever thought I would look better thinner.   But either way, the best of luck, and above all, just try to stay happy and surround yourself with the people that think you’re awesome no matter what!

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Wednesdays With Friendsdays- Joseph Segal

13 Apr

Today’s interview is with one of my favorite people in Providence, Joseph Segal!  Joe makes clothing too and I absolutely love his work.   Joe and I have done a couple collaborations before were he’s printed his amazing kitty print onto fabric for me to make into dresses.  We also have a shoe collaboration in the works so stay tuned for that!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hey! My name is Joseph Segal (you can call me Joe) and I’m so happy to be here for “friendsday wednesday”!
So, some stuff about me….. I’m 29 years old and grew up in the burbs of Framingham, Mass. After high school, I went to college at Umass, Amherst where I studied painting, and then moved to NYC until I realized I wanted to go to grad school! I now live in Providence, Rhode Island after completing my masters degree in textile design at RISD in 2009. Currently I’m a fashion and textile designer and I also teach at RISD. I have two brands, JAS (Joseph Aaron Segal) and Pretty Snake. JAS is a mostly a knitwear brand that I sell at Assembly New York and HaNNa in Tokyo, Japan. I’m obsessed with machine knitting and make all of my knits in my studio. Pretty Snake is more a print oriented brand that I sell on Etsy and some boutiques around the US. Pretty Snake is mostly known for my crazy cat sweaters, see family pic below :).

How did you meet Kelly?:
I met Kelly mostly from Providence being such a small city! We have mutual friends who would always tell me “You have to meet Kelly, you would love her” or like “Kelly loves cats…. you love cats,  you should totally be friends!!” Yes, its all so true, but what really sealed the deal for me was when we discovered our mutual love for Swedish pop music!

What do you like about knitwear over other art forms:
I love making knitwear because with a knitting machine and yarn I am able to invent an original fabric and garment shape. I love the freedom of choosing any texture and color of yarn and then turning it into a fabric of my choice. On the knitting machine i can build texture, pattern and form into the fabrics.  I’m definitely more textile oriented than apparel , so it’s important that my fabric informs my fashion designs.
Are you glad you majored in art at a liberal arts school rather than going to an art school?:
To be totally honest, I  have mixed feelings about going to liberal arts school for my undergrad. I feel like I needed more time to decide what I wanted to study before going to college, but my family really put the pressure on to jump right in. I am super thankful though for the friends I made in undergrad! Because umass was not sooooo demanding we had a lot of time to bond and hang out. Some of my best friends for the past 11 years are from umass! I also loved living in Northampton mass. It exposed me to lots of cool music and art. I did a lot of adventuring and I was obsessed with antiquing on my way to the MassMOCA museum.
What are you favorite and least favorite parts about teaching?:
I’m so happy that risd offered me a teaching position. I am filling in for one of my favorite teachers who is on sabbatical and currently teach ” industrially knitted fabrics” ( an advanced class) and ” machine knitting” ( an introductory class). I love both classes because in one i teach the manual knitting machine which i use daily, and in the other i teach knit programming which is the produced on a huge computerized knitting machine beast! All  of my students so far have been so motivated and talented that at first it took me a while to feel confident that I was capable of giving good advice them. After seeing how awesome the work was at the end of my first semester teaching, I became more comfortable trusting myself to give critiques. I’ve been really enjoying being in the school environment because sometimes after days of working in my studio I get kind of lonely!
I think it’s so awesome that you sell your stuff in Japan. Can you tell us about that?:
I am soooooo thankful that HaNNa, a boutique in japan started ordering my collections. I love the Japanese market because they love color! They are also really excited about unconventional forms and one of a kind pieces. Everything I made for about a year was black and gray because that was all NYC wanted, but for japan I really get to freak out on color!! My last JAS collection was definitely intended to be sold in Europe and japan. I don’t see too many new yorkers wanting a fitted white and yellow striped pile knit wool mock turtle neck. Sadly.

Where we’d find you on a friday night:
On a Friday night I’m most likely silk screening stuff in my basement, posting stuff on Etsy, and then drinking mimosas at the Duck and Bunny. Come visit!

Celebrity you’d most like to meet/ dress:
I totally want to meet and dress Macaulay Culkin, Michael Pitt, and Shannen Doherty. I’m not so sure they would want my stuff though……

Favorite Drink:
Favorite Drink:My favorite drink these days is a Corpse Reviver (equal parts gin, countreau, lemon juice, and lillet. add 3 drops absinthe. shake vigorously and serve with lemon twist and cherry) YUM!

Most embarrassing moment:
One time my friends were talking about all the geo prisms outside and I honestly thought they were speaking of some sort of natural phenomenon, not the car! haha

Favorite things about where you live:
I love living in Rhode Island because there’s tons of my favorite things here: antiques, craft materials, fabric, abandoned buildings, ghosts and beaches. I’m always really inspired here.

If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
If I had a million dollars, I would buy an industrial computerized knitting machine! Then I’d buy a Toyota FJ cruiser and drive to Malibu.


Jay Jay Johanson
Sonic Youth
Black Sabbath

Jean Charles de Castelbajac
Gareth Pugh
Moonspoon Saloon
Rei Kawakubo
Jeremy Scott

TV Shows:
Beverly Hills 90210
RuPauls Drag Race
Celebrity Apprentice (i dont know why still)
Tales from the Crypt
Paranormal State

The Fourth Kind
Funny Games


Thanks Joe!

You can find Joe here:

Etsy Shop

Facebook Fan Page



Tuesday Tunes- The Strokes

13 Apr


thank you Adam!  Adam is going to be a regular guest blogger for my Tuesday Tunes section.  He’s way better at talking about music then I am, and has great taste!  Adam is a musician in Providence, RI and he’s also (conveniently!) my wonderful boyfriend.  To see his music (I help with vocals and keyboards!) check out our FB page!-

Saturday Shopping Finds!

10 Apr


9 Apr


Designer: Me
Photography: Heidi Finn Photography
Hair: Caitlin Doris
Make up: Nicole Mandel

Models: Kayla Lonardo, Lizzy Colley, Nicole B Garcia & Tiffany Mays


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8 Apr


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