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Meatball’s Monday Memo’s- Disguises

5 Apr


Hello to all my loyal followers! It’s me, Meatball, and I’m back with another one of my Monday Memo’s.  I’m sorry the rest of this blog is so awful…  I appreciate you ‘humoring’ Kelly by pretending you’re not just reading this for me.  This week I would like to talk about another one of my many skills, which is disguises.  Now if there are small children reading this, elderly people or if you have high blood pressure, this is your warning.  What you are about to witness is sheer stealth, artful illusion… a masterful masquerade if you will.

I won’t lie and say it’s not a talent… it is of course, but it’s also as much of a necessity.  I can’t tell you how many times a day I am showered with attention and affection, I’ve made girls faint at the mere sight of me and grown men cry at the complexity of the utter beauty that circumscribes and radiates from within and without me.  It’s as much of a burden as it is a blessing.  In the following pictures you will see only a few samples of my many disguises.  I know you will be left hungering for more but sadly for you… I am a human bean just like you (well.. not quite *like* you, as I am an exceptional specimen) and keeping some secrets is a necessity…. I need my privacy.

Can you find me? I doubt it-

An example of my exception skill at finding multiple hiding spots in one location-

Another great spot… they couldn’t find me for weeks!-

Which one am I?! Cancel your evening plans… This ones gonna take awhile-

A master of disguise can camouflage himself into any scenario-


Well that’s it for now guys! I have scheming to do.  Until next monday,

xx, Meatball




Meatballs Monday Memo’s- My first Post

28 Mar

Hi Guys! Meatball here.  This is my first post as a guest blogger for I’m Your Present so I figured the best way to start would be to introduce myself!  I’m sure most of you already know who I am.  If you don’t, it would surprise me… and I might even feel a little bit bad for you.  But consider yourself lucky, because here I am, taking time away from my busy schedule to talk to you (yes you!).  And it does take time to look this good- so when I’m not answering the thousands of fan emails and letters I get everyday, my day is jam packed with bathing myself, napping and strutting around… (just keeping the ladies at bay is a full time job).

As you know, my name is Meatball.   My full name is Dr. Meatball Purman.  (I have a doctorate in turkey, my favorite food). Here’s a picture of me when I was a baby-

Here’s a picture of me with my dad-

and one with my mom-

Aside from just good looks, I have tons of hobbies.  I am a world class chef.

Another passion of mine is adventure…

When I’m not being swarmed by the paparazzi, cooking, or exploring new ground unknown to any cat or human,

I just like to relax.

I also spend several hours a day googling myself.

Well, that’s all for now guys… I got stuff to do!!!  Until next monday,

xx Meatball