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New Song

21 Apr

My boyfriend and I just finished a new song called “the Touch”.  I’m super excited about it!!

Listen to more songs on facebook


The Fire

16 Apr

One of my favorite songs that Adam and I have made so far!  Check out more songs on our facebook page-


Tuesday Tunes- The Strokes

13 Apr


thank you Adam!  Adam is going to be a regular guest blogger for my Tuesday Tunes section.  He’s way better at talking about music then I am, and has great taste!  Adam is a musician in Providence, RI and he’s also (conveniently!) my wonderful boyfriend.  To see his music (I help with vocals and keyboards!) check out our FB page!-


Tuesday Tunes

6 Apr

This weeks jam is from Cold Cave and their brand new album “Cherish The Light Years” released today (4/5/11) via Matador Records!

The song is called “Villains Of The Moon” and it totally rocks!

(Kayla, YOU’RE the villain of the moon! Happy B-DAY!!)

Potent Cocktail

28 Mar

Potent Cocktail is the name of my band that I sing and play keyboard in.  The band was started by my boyfriend Adam,

who I met when I moved into my new apartment.  He lives downstairs!  He wrote all the music himself and recorded it in his room.

After 8 months of work, the 13 track album is out and I think it’s amazing!  He is so talented and I’m lucky to be apart of something

so great.  You can click the picture above to visit our facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/potentcocktail) & listen to some of the tracks.  We are also giving out free CDS because

we just want people to hear it!  If you want one, just send your address to: Potentcocktailmusic@gmail.com

If you like it, I would appreciate it so much if you “liked” our facebook page and maybe even shared the music with some friends!