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9 Apr


Designer: Me
Photography: Heidi Finn Photography www.heidifinnphotography.com
Hair: Caitlin Doris http://caitlinjdoris.yolasite.com/
Make up: Nicole Mandel http://nicolemandelphotography.blogspot.com/

Models: Kayla Lonardo, Lizzy Colley, Nicole B Garcia & Tiffany Mays



Panda Party!

8 Apr

An awesome series of photos from one of my adorable customers, Stacey Brook!

Photoshoot today!

4 Apr

Had a great photoshoot today!!!  The photographer needs to go through the pics but here are some quick ones I took on my iphone as a preview-



Tiffany Mays

Nicole B Garcia

Kayla Lonardo

Lizzy Colley

PHOTOGRAPHER- Heidi Finn// HAIR- Caitlin Doris// MAKEUP- Nicole Mandel